Review: Hella Vegan Eats

After a long day hiking, Jill and I took a non-vegan friend to Hella Vegan Eats in Oakland. The ambiance is open and rustic with a back patio equipped with large picnic tables and string lights. And they allowed our dogs!tee_img_8919_edit

I ordered the “chicken” and pesto mac & cheese with some extra “bacon” (pictured above). It was so delicious! But I warn you that the bacon is extra smoky, even too smoky for me, so if you don’t like a lot of smoke, I wouldn’t go with the extra bacon. The chicken, however, was delicious, crispy, and perfectly spiced.

Jillian ordered the Hella Vegan Burger (aka bacon cheeseburger with a chickpea patty) and it was seasoned very well! The french fries that came with it had a nice kick to them, too. If you like spicy, I would ask them for some of their homemade hot sauce at the counter. They had pluot and blueberry hot sauces. The stuff of dreams!


And, of course, dessert! Jill can tell you that I’m not a huge fan of sweets, but these maple & bacon donuts were the best I’ve ever had, and even made me want to eat a WHOLE donut! Jill informed me that the reason they are so fluffy like regular donuts is because they are yeast risen doughnuts. Usually, vegan donuts are thick and dense like cake, but Hella Vegan Eats donuts were quite light, fluffy and uber doughy, and, not to mention, delicious!


All-in-all we give Hella Vegan Eats a solid four golden spoons!

Hella Vegan Eats: 411 26th St. Oakland, CA 94612 b/t Broadway & Telegraph Ave

Live Long,



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