Everyone Knows That Ikea Has Vegan Food And You Don’t

On my recent excursion to Ikea, I looked at my husband in the parking lot and was like, “dude, we gotta hit up that Ikea Cafe!” and he looked at me and was like, “obviously” but with his eyes- you know that look. Anyway we got into the line and I usually just get the veggie wrap and call it a day, but to my surprise I looked at the menu to find not just the veggie wrap, but TWO more entree options that obviously needed to be had. And then the hubby blankly pointed and stared and tapped me on the shoulder and slowly said “they…have…vegan…soup” OMGERRRRRD!

It’s a regular ole vegan feast up in this place!

I think the proper term especially since we are talkin’ about our Ikea Swede folk: Smörgåsbord

Ya. So awesome.

So what’s to be had you may ask?!

Seasonal Veggie Wrap $3.99

Seasonal Veggies like: tomatoes, cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, and hummus

IKEA wrap


Vegetable Balls $4.49

Veggie balls made from quinoa and veggies, served with quinoa sweet potato chili and seasonal vegetables

Veggie ball plate

Vegetable Ball Wrap $4.99 (Ikea Family Price) Reg. $6.99

Veggie balls served with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus, harissa sauce and flatbread served with your choice of soup or salad from the bar. The hummus contains soy and the bread is not gluten free. We chose the soup which was the Aromatic Chickpea Soup which, if chosen a la carte costs $1.99. The soup is organic, gluten free, and vegan.

Veggie ball wrap with soup


All three of these options are full of flavor, seasoned very well and thoughtfully created with a small exception for the veggie wrap- I tend to think this is a little dry and I always add mustard. The soup, however, was so good I got my own bowl because my husband only let me get one bite in because he coveted it so much. It was slightly spicy, thick without feeling like stew, and just simply heavenly. The veggie balls are the perfect texture too, I could easily eat a million of these if they weren’t so filling. They aren’t shy on the portions either. So don’t worry, you’ll get your fill.  But in case you have a case of “eyes-bigger-than-your-stomach” which often can happen here, they have to-go boxes!

And now you know, when you go to Ikea to pretend that you live there (I mean I don’t do that or anything…) you can stop in the Ikea Cafe and grab some serious vegan grub to fuel you up for your journey through a giant human-sized mouse maze.





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