Review: The Purple Carrot

The best part about getting portioned out ingredients for your meals delivered to your door is… everything.

For months, Brenden and I have envied our friends who were using Blue Apron to get fresh ingredients delivered along with fun recipes. We couldn’t join the party because they don’t offer vegan options. But alas! Over Thanksgiving my brilliant brother informed us of a new company that has the same service but vegan! It’s called The Purple Carrot.

The discovery came at a perfect time because around the holidays I find that we get in to a rut of pasta and burrito dinners. Businesses are closed, it’s cold outside, and we always find ourselves ordering takeout because that’s what you do when you’re in sweatpants and you don’t want to move. But I digress… What I really wanted in December was some inspiration and new flavors. So, we took my brother’s suggestion and signed up for The Purple Carrot.

Below are three of our favorite dishes!


Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Now, I was a little worried about this one because tofu has a way of being bland when it’s not marinated for a long time. But, I must say, this dish blew us out of the water! The shallots and cilantro gave the panfried tofu a really good taste, the daikon radish added a nice kick on the side. The best part, though, was the delicious fried noodle cakes! Oh merh gerd. So good. The ingredients came with Thai chiles, which added some great heat, too. But if you’re a heat freak like I am, put some Sriracha on those nummy noodle cakes!


Latkes with Cran-Apple Compote and “Sour Cream”

Who doesn’t like a good latke around the holidays? This, to me, was more of an appetizer than a main dish (but I am not normal). Regardless of the seemingly small portion size, these latkes were delish. They weren’t all potato, they were blended with zucchini to give it a less starchy texture. They were topped with a warm apple and cranberry compote (we left it a bit more chunky than the directions instruct).

Oh, and I will never forget the vegan sour cream with poppy seeds! If there is one thing I have missed during my vegan journey, it is sour cream, and this recipe really did the trick.


Julie Sahni’s Khatti Dal with Fresh Pear Chutney

This dish didn’t come out exactly the way they planned for us :), but it was good nonetheless (hint: we needed to let the lentils cook down a lot more). The spices and pear chutney were really on point though. And with this dish I discovered curry leaves! Which are literally leaves that taste like curry. I’m not joking. I almost didn’t believe my tastebuds after I nibbled on one. They are pictured below. They’re like the Bay leaf of Indian food. Yum and yum.

photo cred:

All in all, the experience was pretty great! Purple Carrot is an awesome way to learn how to cook new, exotic dishes, get inspiration for your own recipes, and save time on weeknight dinners. Each one of these recipes took no more than an hour. We give it 5 golden spoons. Give it a try!






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