Reasons Why We Love Local Farmers Markets

First of all, the people. Jillian and I are chatty gals. We like to know where you’re from, how your day is going, how long you’ve been growing produce, and what seasonal veggies you recommend. So, one of our favorite reasons for going to Farmers’ Markets is to talk with the farmers! We meet a lot of great, business savvy and knowledgable people at these markets. And, unlike many big grocery stores, if you find yourself staring down at a strange-looking vegetable, the local market folks are more willing to jump in, tell you all about it, and sometimes even suggest recipes!Peppers

Support local, support local, support local. We can’t say it enough! Being a small, local business ourselves, we know how hard it is to get a leg up in this economy powered by brand giants.

buy local

It’s easier than ever to go on Amazon and buy from big brands, we know, but it’s really important to keep smaller businesses afloat so that our country is not controlled by a few large conglomerates and we’re left with fewer choices! Besides, and I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot but, more small businesses, more employment opportunities.

Another great reasons to shop local is that you can bet your beautiful behinds they pour their whole hearts into those vegetables and products (I know we do!). Most of them spend a lot of time thinking about you, the customer, and what they can do to give you the best experience and highest quality product. So, when you leave with a $5 bag full of gorgeous shiitake mushrooms, you can rest assured that those mushrooms were loved into adulthood and hand-picked from the stem.


When we do a pop-up or event where we sell our own Farmers’ Market tote bags, we like to visit Farmer’s Markets beforehand and pick out some produce to make our product display a little fresher, brighter, and give it a bit more context. The bags are a product line for our food blog, after all! And, bonus, we get to take the produce home after the show and cook it.

Last week, we did a pop-up holiday shop at Urban Bazaar in San Francisco. On the same street, the Inner Sunset Farmers’ Market was going on, and it was great! One of our favorite vegan bakery pop-ups, Sweet Aha!, was there, and the whole alley had a lot of bright, fresh produce, live music and delicious-looking hummus. Yum!

Our go-to Farmers’ Market is at Stonestown Galleria (it’s where we get our $5 bags of mushrooms and lots of beautiful flowers!).

Pro-tip: if you go towards the end of the market (around 12:30PM), you will get the best deals on produce and flowers. 🙂

So remember, trade green for green, and keep it local folks!




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